For more than 14 years, ROTA Technology Inc. has been fully devoted to the manufacturing of the newest state-of-art keyboard protector & molds.

Our keyboard protector is an unique & innovative product for preventing your keyboard away from dust, insects (cockroaches, ants etc.),liquid (water, soft drinks etc.) ,and most of all, it's sanitary. his is exactly what ROTA has always been making diligently, in order to prolong the life span and keep clean your keyboard.

In order to satisfy various demands of customers, our R&D department makes every effort to bring our products to completion in several standards according to customers' need. And due to our special molding technology, we can promise you a more durable and beautiful protector than any other supplier.

Our molding technology has effectively solved the problems concerned for many manufacturers in the PC or business machine industries that we have eventually received their approval and trust.

We guarantee you that you can always get a valuable product from ROTA; its perfect fitting ppearance keeps the value of your computer or business machine set.

After 1997, ROTA began making other computer accessories - such as LCD/PDA/mobile phone Screen Protector, Twist-Joint Copy Holder, Universal Memory Card case, Microfiber Mouse pad, Screen protector, Notepad, Wiping cloth and our new VOIP PC to Telephone adapter. After 14 years of effort, we have built our reputation within our customers, which includes Japan, Europe and America to all over the world.

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